Welcome to the Ending Cancer in Our Generation Cancer Protest Art Community


It is easy to participate in our online Event!

1.) Check out the great baskets below, more shop items coming weekly!!
2.) Create a free account- This account can be used to track orders, digital downloads, subscribe to memberships and soon earn free rewards!
3.) Bid on items/ Sign up to be a Vendor/ Purchase items / Donate- There are multiple ways to support our mission from bidding on our baskets to setting up a vendor store of your own! 

All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law

All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law

100% of the profits from this event are donated directly to Ending Cancer in Our Generation. New this year, our store is finally open and support can be shown through online purchases as well! Our programs and services are constantly evolving and we are hoping to add more in person and hands on community events as we grow.


If being a part of an online community dedicated to life after remission and helping make the world a more magical and diverse place sounds like something interesting, please join us in our mission and apply to be a vendor or community member.

Like every other year, please do not email to split up baskets. All items were donated by the individuals or businesses listed, please consider showing them more support outside of this event.

**More items added to stores daily, so make sure to check back all month long. **

Please Note:

-We do not have the pro version of the auction plug-in so we do not have the ability to change auctions once they have been bid upon, we are unable to automatically complete several tasks but we will manually complete tracking numbers and winner followups or anything else that may run into issues with this new plugin. Take heart that I will make sure all followups that are necessary are completed. 

– Auction payments, including shipping and insurance, will be be due within 48 hrs of the auction’s end. If prior arrangements are not made, the next winner will be approached. 

It bears repeating that we are an incredibly small nonprofit- just me 🙂 – please do not contact us with messages saying: “My kid really wants this and I cannot afford it, can’t you just give it to me?”-real paraphrase from previous benefit- or about only wanting one item out of the basket. My sob story will always beat out a basic ass sob story. Instead, win the basket, and split it with local community organizations or others that may enjoy the items. Win/Win for everyone.

-Every year I end up paying for benefit baskets due to paychecks that never arrive for items and my need to be understanding. Our benefit ends on October 15th. Our fiscal year ends on December 31st. This should provide more than enough time for this to not happen again. As a public nonprofit, our books must be balanced by the end of the year, either by proper payments or by my personal bank account.


Your understanding is GREATLY appreciated and we look forward to your reviews and feedback to make this event and community even better next year! 


Over 30 Fantastic baskets with 100% of the funds donated to making a difference for cancer survivors and caregivers! 


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Site Currently Under Construction to Create Magical Diverse Interesting Art Every Day

Our Vendors are constantly updating their stores and every day there are new items of all varieties and all price ranges. If bidding is out of reach, check out the vendor stores throughout this month’s event and into the future as we grow! We are grateful for your understanding during our construction period.

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