2024 Artist Support Projects

For 2024, my own personal goal for this site is to complete 12 artist support projects, with all 6 original vendor shops represented in a variety of art styles and fun products. I have already started planning and working on this goal. I hope that this will create a fun way to support all the artist and also have new ECIOG collections at least once a month. This is the main hub for all the projects, each project has its own product information page with purchase information. Unless otherwise noted, 50% of all products are donated to ECIOG and 50% is deposited directly to the artists account monthly. Please follow along this journey to see all the great ideas that are coming with the New Year!

I have several project for this that I have already started to be sure to watch our social media posts and our newsletter to see all the new products in the works.

Thank you for supporting our artist. Every artist on this site has been affected by cancer in some way from survivors to caregivers to family members. Cancer affects everyone and we are building a community of support for these artists to create without the overhead of PTO and a boss that does not understand life after remission.

2024 Artist Support Projects- Bucket List Goal

Full Sticker Sheets- Limited Quantities

This 6 sticker set is a special edition with each artist receiving 20%.- Pre-Order –>Limited Quantities on hand



*Not Sustainable on current path

Handmade by Extreme Survivor of Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM)
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