Welcome to Unicorn’s Art Club

Support Creativity Diversity & Inclusion Love and Acceptance with your monthly donation

Fairy Level Supporter

This is the base level of UAC and it includes at least one digital drawing included in a monthly email newsletter with updates and special offers including coupons and promotional codes. Cost: $1
Incudes: At least one new digital drawing included in email newsletter, coupons and promo codes

Mermaid Level Supporter

This is the middle level of UAC and it includes everything in Fairy Level and everyone is entered to win a painting postcard mailed directly to your house. Winner numbers will vary depending on how many Unicorn and Kirch complete but at least 5 winners a month!

Cost: $5
Includes: Fairy level items, plus all Mermaids are enter to win a painted postcard every month!
At least 5 winners a month!

Unicorn Level Supporter

This is the top level of UAC and it includes everything in Fairy and Mermaid Level plus it includes a monthly coupon code for $10 off an order at participating stores. Digital Membership card included. Special banner and avatar frame available as well.

Cost: $15
Includes: Fairy and Mermaid level items, a monthly coupon code for $10 off an order for participating stores. Digital Membership card, special banner and avatar frame

Monthly Newsletter with Amazing Offers, coupons, promo codes

Fairy Level Rewards

Mermaid Level Rewards

Top Level Gets All the Goodies

Digital Membership card, special banner and avatar frame, plus $10 off code at participating stores

Plus Fairy and Mermaid Level rewards

Unicorn Level Rewards

As UAC grows, more fun perks will be added. There will also be FREE annual retention rewards and surprises throughout the year for our club members! This can be everything from free art prints to stickers to special online recognition items. We hope that this will be a great way for people to help without having to put forth too much effort on the part of donors. It will also be a great way to track and enjoy Unicorns progress and development as she learns  and grows.

Unicorn Needs a School that Allows for Special Needs Focus

Unicorn is incredibly intelligent, she also stems and needs to be a place that understands that little girls show autism in a different manner than little boys and its best to listen to the people who know her well. She’s talkative, active and fun and needs creativity and acceptance in her school environment.

Unicorn needs a Secular Environment

Unicorn is growing up in a Jewish household in an area with a high level of antisemitism and it’s very important that she be in a secular schooling environment.

The chosen school is great and has the ability for her mom to volunteer once a week and has an open lunch policy to check in.

If you have suggestions on how to make this art club even more magical, please check out our contact page.

If you would like to support our Unicorn’s Educational Fundraiser: current items and events may be found here.

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