Welcome to the Ending Cancer in Our Generation Cancer Protest Art Community

Welcome to the Artist Support Sticker Main page. Please use the variations to choose a sticker

Artist Support Stickers - 2.5” Matte Vinyl Weatherproof/Dishwasher Safe UV Protective Coating - Themed for each store

50% of all sales directly benefit each artist

There are zero costs for the artists, and all design work was completed in house by our president and donated to this goal

Artist support stickers are a great way to support our community

Die Cut Sticker

Waterproof Adhesive Vinyl

Top Shelf Dishwasher Safe

UV Protective Laminate
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Stickers are cross listed in each shop (linked above) as well as this main sticker page. 


Stores that Benefit from this sticker sheet:

  1. Village Bog Witch Sticker
  2. Gay All Day Sticker
  3. Crafty Wizard Creations Sticker
  4. Anna Lee Therapy Sticker
  5. ECIOG


**Pillow Book of Jetty is FREE with this sticker sheet!


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