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For more information on our Artist Support Project for 2024 or to become a member to not miss out on every drop, check out:

As with all of the artist support projects, we will have a small number on hand but will be able to take back orders since we hope these will be a staple in our store as they are a great way to provide fun marketing for the supported artists.

Check out the on hand stock numbers if orders are needed ASAP, back orders can take up to a week to fill depending on size and health status of our president. We thank you for your understanding.

5-8 3D themed charm additions

3D charms for all themes

Double Sided 1.5” Full color print with artist’s QR code

Full color mini prints with QR code to artist stores.

8-12 specialty and 5D sticker additions

5D stickers are raised with a defined texture for an even cooler design!

A rainbow braided two themed charm tag

Hand braided rainbow tag with noise making charms

A colorful beaded chain with two themed charms

Beaded chain in a variety of colors with themed charms

Extra Keychain Clip

An extra keychain clip with a rotating base

50/50 Split

50% of stickers donated to each artist, 50% donated to ECIOG

Handmade by GBM Extreme Survivor

Handmade by an Extreme survivor of Glioblastoma Multiforme resulting in each one being unique and rare.

6 Double Sided Designs to Collect!


Our Anna Lee Therapy keychain has an alternative therapy and Alice in Wonderland theme. Anna Lee Therapy specializes in handmade glassware, jars, crystals, jewelry and more. Help spread the good work they are doing with this double sided keychain!


Our Crafty Wizard keychain has a spider and dragon theme. Crafty Wizard Creations is a diverse magical store specializing in a variety of 3D creations and magically themed art. Help spread the good work they are doing with this double sided keychain!


(Including a glow in the dark 3D spider!!)



Our Bog Witch keychain has a bog and Alice and Wonderland theme. The Village Bog Witch Apothecary is a self care specialty shop with handmade bath potions and magically infused creations. Help spread the good work they are doing with this double sided keychain!


UAK icon

Our Unicorn and Kirch keychain has a unicorn, rainbow and star theme. Unicorn and Kirch specialize in handmade postcard art, stickers, prints and any other art that strikes the fancy of our grant winner and her miracle baby. Help spread the good work they are doing with this double sided keychain!





PBoJ icon

The Pillow Book of Jetty’s keychain theme has a focus on Japanese and cancer art. The Pillow Book of Jetty is an artistic endeavor by our president to recreate pre cancer diagnosis artwork and build a post cancer portfolio of rare artwork.



ECIOG icon

Our ECIOG theme is art of all kinds. This is our primary focus for our charity work. We support  art of all varieties and consider art to be vitally necessary for cancer treatment and life after remission. Help spread the good work we are doing with this double sided keychain!


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