FAQ- Puff and Create Most Commonly Asked Questions


Why Get a Digital Membership?


A digital membership is an automatic monthly payment that allows you to choose your art project and have it and all the event goodies sent straight to your door. It includes coupons, online galleries, member icons and badges, extra charms and art, early access to items, contest, sales, and event information, and a private streaming link.


What is the difference between a digital membership and the in-person event?


The digital membership is an art subscription box that includes all the contests and raffles and goodie bags of the in person event. It includes the member’s selected art choice or a mini version of the monthly project mailed directly to the member. The in person event is a 4 hour art creation event, with supplies and tools provided in the event space. During the 4 hours drinks, snacks, a specialty dish, supplies used and a free pre roll will be provided with paid ticket and valid photo ID. There will be a main unique monthly theme  but we have stations for everything from crafting to jewelry, painting to potion creations. With a digital membership this 4 hour art creation event is only $5, and it is the best way to get the monthly recipe card, extra art piece, extra charm and all the online perks.



Current snacks: individual chip bags, Jetty’s Recommended Munchie McDonald Land Cookies, grapes and caramel, carrots and ranch, cheese cubes and crackers, fruit snacks, cookies, matcha mochi marshmallows (tea party),  Hy-Chew, Candy, pretzels and more coming!



Current Drinks: 4 kinds of Bubbly water, 3 kinds of Capri Sun, raspberry tea, lemonade, brewed bagged tea choices with kettle, bottled water, 2 drink syrup choices, apple cider, coffee (on request), 3 kinds of water enhancers, Coca-Cola, Diet Mt. Dew, and more coming!


Specialty Dishes:

Every month there is a themed specialty dish. Digital members receive a custom recipe card for each recipe to enjoy at home. The soft launch tea party theme specialty dish is ‘Jetty’s Mini Sammiches’ It includes: egg salad, ham salad and peanut butter and apricot jelly. These will vary from appetizers to desserts to small dishes.



What if I don’t Puff?


All good. Our Art Creation Station is a 100% sober zone and we will provide extra activities for sober participants, including our Vendor Sale and the Art and Supply Swap, as well as always providing at least 2 fully sober individuals at all times. We are a community of varying jobs, health statues, and ages, so we understand that not every is able to or wants to participate in alternative therapy. We fully support this choice and hope that with all our sober activities and areas, everyone feels welcome to come make art and spread hope!


Art and Supply Swap

 We will be hosting in person and online (after) an art and supply swap. We will be accepting all kinds of art and craft supplies. This is a great way to get rid of unwanted old hobbies and pick up a new one. 😉 We will also accept donations for our future Puff and Create events too. We hope that this will help keep art supplies in circulation and take away that ‘failed’ hobby guilt. These items will also be included in our member only online art and supply swap.




Vendor Sale


We will be having a small vendor sale every month where we sell art created by our vendors. This area is sponsored by three vendors every month and then will feature our other vendors as we receive their art and creations. These items will also be included in our member only online vendor sale.



Do I have to have a membership?



No. A membership is not required to attend our in person events. However, tickets must be purchased and a valid photo ID must be shown in order to gain access to this private event.

In order to get the monthly store credit, early access, discount codes and other digital perks, an account is required.



How is this profitable?

To be honest, we do not think these will truly be profitable, but they will foster at least one day a month where art and alternative therapy are the main focus for our community. This will be a staple fundraiser from now on, regardless of profit, as the art supplies and tools are the personal supplies of Jetty. (^-^) We hope as it grows, our community will grow and we will be able to reach more survivors and caregivers. Already we have 2 applicants for our scholarship and it doesn’t get awarded for another 5 months.



More to added when received!

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