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Best Friends Puzzle Game!

Every gacha comes with a random puzzle piece. Collect all 12 pieces for a VERY special FREE gift! 


We have 6 different puzzle options and grayscale options too! 


Full Puzzle: Win a FREE Year of Unicorn’s Art Club Membership ($240 value) 


(Multiple Wins: ECIOG Digital Gift Card(s))




Entered to win the GRAND prize at our Launch anniversary party in 2024. No limit on entry! 


*odds of winning is random with all 12 pieces printed and inserted into gacha of all sizes to make it more fun!* 

がちゃ-gacha-pon are coin operated vending machines in Japan where between 100 and 500 yen mystery options are available at every train station, arcade, and randomly in back alleys. It is a fun pastime to buy as many gacha as possible when in Japan and I am up cycling all my gacha filled with handmade art and pieces.

Mystery Gacha Handmade and straight to your door!

Our Puzzle Game is a fun item to collect a chance to win multiple times a great way to help our charity  with every pull!!

New Exclusive Collections

We will have exclusive collections that are only available in our gachas!

Get the Feeling of a Japanese Arcade!

Much like Japan we are charging between $1-$5 depending on the size of the gacha-pon ball. However, I want it to be a good deal so small gacha will be 2 for $1.00.

A Variety of Handmade Items

Pins, magnets, bows, clips, 3D models, potions, mini art, sculptures, toys, stickers, tattoos, jewelry, as much variety as we can create!!

Every Pull is a chance to win!

We include a scratch off game card with percentages off, free shipping, and BOGO specials! Get more from our site with every purchase!
-% off
-FREE gifts
-FREE Shipping
- Fun facts
and more could be yours!!

We hope this will make gachas even more fun!!

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