Cancerversary PRIDE pin Sets and Individual Pins with Backing Cards

Cancerversary PRIDE pin Sets and Individual Pins with Backing Cards

For PRIDE I took my Cancerversary pins and made some backing cards, I hand punched the cards and created each of these pins to represent all that I have accomplished since I was diagnosed. All pins were created for my 16th Cancerversary and they are all handmade by myself, an extreme survivor of Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM). I have placed them on set prices based on the sizes to make it easier to buy and I will be passing these prices on to our supporters! All buttons  head to the listing where variations can be selected. 



Thank you for all your support!

We have a handful of full scrolls available and they are on super sale now! These scrolls include ALL 12 pins, AND a hand painted & awl’d and includes a decorated hanger to easily hang anywhere. This is the ONLY way to get all 12 pins that represent my cancer journey to this point.

There are a VERY limited number of discounted full scrolls that are missing our anniversary cauldron cake 3D pin. I will NOT be making more of these pins so I am selling them as is at the DRASTICALLY discounted price from PRIDE

I released this set of pins for my 16th and re-released it for my 17th cancerversaries, for two years I pushed this fundraiser, it was the most important fundraiser to me for both years with full Facebook ads and everything, but it was not successful at all. I sold to 3 (three) people total. I always meant to make more pins and have a full pin community with handmade art pins but it did not work out. I have full plans and designs but it is just too much. This fundraiser truly breaks my heart when I think about it and this sale is basically my way to get the pins away so I not longer have to feel hurt. I found the missing supplies and *could* make the pins for the discount scrolls and sell them at full price but I can’t. I wanted to use the RAM and Kairi pins as fundraisers for the scholarship and grant and I wanted to use the GBM brain as a community fundraiser, but since none of these pins have sold in any kind of numbers, I have scrapped this plan and will be selling what I have on hand and not looking back. Thank you for your understanding. 


These pins will NEVER be made again have only the on hand stock available represent my whole cancer and this nonprofit’s journey 

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