BEE Safe Travel First Aid Kit Keychain -waterproof labeled


Up-cycled, waterproof vinyl labeled first aid kit with bandages, alcohol pads, and antibiotic ointment. With a colorful keychain addition is can easily hand for any bag or in the car for any minor emergencies. Always come prepared!!


Only $3 gets you this handmade creation!

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BEE Safe Travel First Aid Kit Keychain -waterproof labeled



Another great PRIDE item that is up-cycled practical fun. The label is waterproof but I have since found out, unbeknownst to myself and everything I have been told for 18 years of the cancer life, pill bottle are water resistant NOT waterproof! If it is submerged it can have small leaks. So the label is waterproof vinyl and is handmade. It includes a colorful keychain addition to hang it from your hiking bag or car interior. Each pill bottle includes everything needed in a minor emergency:


4 bandages (random, various styles-waterproof, fabric, etc.)

2 alcohol pads

1 packet of Bacitracin Zinc antibiotic ointment



Convenient, practical, portable, and only $3!!


Always Come Prepared



Size: 2” round, 3” height

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 3 in


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