YOUR name custom DIY Vintage Rainbow Heart Pin

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We believe that YOUR name should be on our vintage rainbow hearts Whether at birth or later in life, we know how it feels to have your chosen name not included on personalized collectibles Our Your Chosen Name Vintage Heart Rainbow Pin can now be ordered as: DIY kit including – -One blank rainbow pin on random color original vintage pin card back -One small container of Mod Podge glue to seal  Complete set mailed in small round sushi display case for  $5 OR  Completed Rainbow Name Heart including- -We can add your name to a heart and seal for…

Ending Cancer in Our Generation Cancer Protest Art Shop
Ending Cancer in Our Generation Cancer Protest Art Shop


Our favorite PRIDE activity- YOUR name customization DIY kit/Pre Made Vintage Rainbow Heart Pin

We offer this amazing Vintage Heart ready to have your name!

Whether from birth or chosen by you, we fully believe that everyone deserves to have their name on a cool rainbow heart. 

These vintage hearts are from the 1980’s and come with their original backing cards. 

There are two variations:

DIY Kit which ships in an individual sushi container and comes with a small container of Mod Podge with the rainbow heart for $5

We can also add your chosen name to the heart for you and ship the heart alone with just the backing card for $3.

“Please note that it will be written by a GBM brain cancer survivor so the letters will be excessive and artistic where possible, even if it doesn’t make sense! HAHA!”

Please use the dropdown to select your variation to add to cart. 


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Custom Rainbow Hearts

DIY Vintage Rainbow Name Heart Pin Kit, Pre-Made Vintage Rainbow Name Heart


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