WOW! The Amount of Love and Support for our Event has been AMAZING

We are so shocked by the amazing showing of support from our community and from our sponsors, we need a whole page just to show proper thanks. Please see our Sponsors below for all our amazing donations and support. Please note there will be galleries and coupon codes that will ONLY be displayed with membership including a 30% off coupon for Ardent- the Adult Easy Bake Oven- the set it and forget it dream! Please purchase your membership/ticket now for full access. 

Please note we are adding new sponsors every day so please check back to see all the wonderful love and support our community has received! Final baskets and donations in action can be seen by members in the galleries below. 🙂 

Our very first sponsor went ABOVE & BEYOND our expectations and provided us with an AMAZING event coupon code (30% off!), TWO Ardent Minis to raffle at the events, and a whole goodie box full of door prizes and extras. Ardent is an amazing company that was started by a fellow medical patient suffering from chronic pain and inflammation. She created an “all-in-one cooking, infusion, and baking device” that makes creating dose-able pain relief a breeze!

LEVO is the device I use to create the honey I use for baking. LEVO’s infusion device began after the founder, Chrissy Bellman, set out to tackle the awful aftermath of apartment edible creations- mess, smell, all that bad jazz. LEVO is self contained and the pieces are all dish washer safe making clean-up a breeze.  LEVO donated one of their high quality baking dishes-I have one that came with my ‘Everything but the Kitchen Sink’ Set- and it is amazing. They also sent goodies for our goodie bag and raffles.


<Coming Soon>

Jetty Extracts was originally found when I was researching my name for my future edibles shop back in 2019, I reached out for purely selfish reasons that I wanted stickers with my name on them and boy did they deliver, especially given that they are only available in other states. They responded to my request with so much and I really want to highlight the work that they do. They have a program in California and Colorado that provides free cannabis to medical patients in the Compassionate Care Program. I know we have people in both of these states so send any patients that way to show support. They even have specific charity strains that help in their local communities. A truly amazing find for just googling my name and Cannabis. 😂 😂



If you are in California, Colorado, or on the East Coast- New York, New Jersey; please check them out, and send us photos when you do! 😀



Y’all!!!!!! Jetty’s Extracts came  all the way through for your girls selfish request! They sent a box jam packed full of love and good wishes. It included enough stickers to offer a new style every event in our goodie bags as well as pins, patches, lanyards and more!!! They sent smoking supplies we desperately needed as well as fun items for our raffles and door prizes! I have already made this fantastic banner using the donations we have received now. Gallery coming soon!



Our Local Sponsors are so Incredibly Important

They are the people making changes directly in our communities. They are the reason we can offer snacks, drinks, a speciality dish, nicer art supplies, free shipping with tracking and insurance, our fantastic goodie bags, 5 door prizes per event, and massive raffles quarterly and at the end of the year.

Our absolute biggest sponsor is our president Jetty.

We use their supplies, and they have done all the groundwork on the event. To support their nonprofit work, check out our store. Jetty also has a membership program to help fund the bucket list 20 year Cancerversary Japan trip next year.

A Mother & Daughter Duo with Love for all things Vintage! Our good friends at Blue Thistle Emporium have gathered some amazing finds to share in our events. They are dedicated to upcycling fun vintage items and finding new homes instead of the landfill. This perfectly aligns with our mission to try to upcycle as much as possible in our art projects and available art areas at our events. Please check out their Etsy to see what they have on hand right now.


Thank You to Our Sponsors

We are so thankful for our sponsors and we are always looking for more and approaching new places to have the most well rounded and representative event possible, especially in our goodie bags.

Always on the Lookout for New Sponsors!


We Want YOUR Unwanted Items

The absolute best part about being an charity that is open to all art, it means our themes for our Puff and Create are incredibly varied so we can accept every type of art or craft supply, and our Art Supply Swap is our way to have this at the actual event, however, if interested in sponsoring a section of our Puff & Create, some possible areas are: snacks and drinks, tool and supplies for staples, themed project supplies, shipping, goodie bag items or costs, decorating, cleaning and after event costs, Vendor sale, Art and Supply Swap, etc.

We will welcome coupons for our goodie bags or online codes for stores, mini marketing items, as well as items for our door prizes and raffles. We will gladly provide a tax letter from the fair market value of any sponsorship or donation upon request.

100% Sober Activity Sponsors

It is incredibly important to have 100% Sober Areas with Activities, our Art Creation Station will be a sober area and we will provide only non-alcoholic drinks. We will have multiple sports and yard activities available and our Vendor Sale and Art and Supply swap are not to be missed!


Our Vendor Sale and Art and Supply Swap- Sponsored by the Village Bog Witch and Unicorn and Kirch:

Our Vendors are so important to our mission and two of our vendors are the main sponsors for this area of the event. They worked to create a great way to support our artists and vendors as well as keep art supplies out of the trash. We all are Neurodivergent and have a tendency to jump hobbies so it is perfect to share and learn in this new, fun way! All art is welcome and every month we will have new pieces of arts and crafts for sale. 


Please see the Village Bog Witch Apothecary vendor shop for all your self care needs! 


Unicorn and Kirch’s vendor store is currently being run through the Unicorn Art Club membership and sales of UAC items through the ECIOG Vendor Store. 


We will take donations at our swap for future events as well. Donate now to be included in our sponsor area too!


Our included munchies and drinks are provided by Tanager Drones Photography and Video and they have graciously provided unlimited while at the event, no need to choose! 😀 They will be in our Art Creation Station.



Check them out for all of your photography needs from roof inspections to event photography, they have you covered.

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