Sister Dear Memorial Heart- Holographic Heart Sticker

Crystal Kircher Bell

Crystal Kircher Bell loved her family, roses, metal music, and pit bull doggies. She was kind and considerate and wanted a world full of love. She really enjoyed NBC characters and this 2.5” hand designed and professionally printed holographic sticker features elements of the tattoos to which she was very proud. It is waterproof and can withstand the elements. Please help spread her message of love both inside and out!

Sister Dear Memorial Heart- Holographic Heart Sticker - $3.00

A 2.5” handmade, professionally printed holographic fundraiser sticker design as a memorial for my sweet sister who was taken too early in this life. 100% of the funds from this sticker’s sale will go to doing good in Crystal’s name. She deserved so much more than life gave her and I hope this sticker will be a good way to spread her memory far and wide.

Making a Difference is our Main Goal

Educational Fund

The grandbabies are actual babies so there will be plenty of time to raise funds to help with whatever they decide to pursue in their futures.

Rose Gardens with Memorial Additions

In the Spring, rose gardens with memorial additions will be sponsored throughout the country and hopefully one day flowers around the world, or at least the US and Japan.

Pitt Bull Support

Crystal really loved pitties. She would have loved to know that local or larger charities that help these puppies will get donations in her name.

Currently the goal of this sticker is just to help in anyway that we are able to do good in her name. The main plan is to start some kind of support scholarship for when the grand babies are older and want to pursue an educational goal: college, trade program, or job training. This fundraiser can really help with those expenses and as they are truly babies right now that is enough time to make a real difference.

Closer goals include building rose gardens in her name and helping with Pitty charities. This is a growing memorial to make as big of a difference as possible in the time we are given. Spreading love and kindness will always be the biggest goal and we’re open to suggestions of unique ways to spark change in the world in Crystal’s name.



I will miss you always, my sweet Sister Dear.

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