Throw the Whole Man Away Trash Can Activity Set

The ‘Throw the Whole Man Away’ Trash Can Kit

There is a limited number of available full kits- 10 on hand and 10 back order to be exact.

$6 for all three pieces

A Full color waterproof die-cut ‘Throw the Whole Man Away’ dumpster design  magnet at 3” X2.5”in size. This magnet is cut in shape and is perfect for sharing as protest in the real world or decorating workspaces.

The fun part is throwing the whole man actually away! Join in on the fun with your own set or get on for a friend!

A Squishy Yellow Man with a handmade and decorated shirt. 

Squishy Yellow Man

Approximately 1.5”x2.75” in size with a handmade and detailed shirt

Waterproof Vinyl Label

A mini trash can that has a moving lid that opens and closes as well as a full color cut waterproof vinyl sticker label at 2”  in size.

Shiny Labeled Mini Trash Can

Perfect Desk Size

Miniature Replica Trash Can

Approximately: 1.5”X2.5”X1” (closed)
1.5”X3.5”X1” (Open)

GREAT Mental Health Gift for Friends!

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