Welcome to the Ending Cancer in Our Generation Cancer Protest Art Community

PRIDE Stickers are Up!

We offer over 25 different designs on hand and on sale right now! Over five different variations available including vinyl, and decals

PRIDE Cancerversary Pins on SALE!

Our Cancerversary pins from PRIDE on our SUPER Sale now! We have three sizes, full scrolls, and discounted scrolls available!!

Purple chair protest packet

Protest Packs AvailableNow - Only $5!

This is our most popular Pride fundraiser, proceeds from our protest pack is 100% reinvested into this community and our artistic missions. This pack includes a cleverly decorated match pen, a ‘Smash the Patriarchy’ folding chair that is also a phone holder and a blank Spell-book Notebook to do all your community planning. All this for only $5!

Click me to start collecting!!

Become a Vendor

We offer full stores for a variety of items.

10% Fee donated to ECIOG nonprofit.

Dedicate to helping cancer survivors and caregivers

Offering an annual scholarship and grant

Vendors are our Ads!

We love to spotlight our vendors
WE <3 our Vendors

We are always adding new categories with each new vendor

Our vendors and local businesses donate items and we create fantastic boxes to raise money for our programs and services every September

Certain vendors have monthly memberships available to add extra support 

We provide many fun icons and images for using on product listings, profiles  and sites -where applicable-

Welcome to Our Vendor Centered Grassroots Supported Community Driven Site

Welcome to our the Vendor area of our Community. These stores are directly contributing to our mission and helping cancer survivor and caregivers. 

All Our Best Items

Canna Friendly Creations

Cana-creations are welcome and encouraged.

Please understand that Federal Law still prohibits the transport of actual cannabis containing products via mail or by unauthorized dealers.

Cancer Focused

Our programs and services are cancer focused with a survivor scholarship, a caregiver grant, and active participation in winner's lives post award with multiple ways to make a difference.

Community Driven

We are here because of our community and we are constantly updating our resources pages for everything needed for a strong, driven, protest community.

Together we can make a difference in the world

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