Puff & Create Digital Event Page Breakdown

Digital Event ticket-spoonie

Spoonies! Chronic Illness and out of state supporters (we are currently only able to process this for US residents only- we apologize to our global community) , we LOVE you!


We fully understand it is just not possible to have the spoons for traveling in this current world. It is hard enough to keep up with standard life requirement, this digital event is made especially for YOU! 


Your support is valid and we love it so much! We have always wanted to offer more inclusive options to our fundraisers as we understand our headquarters, while in the largest county in Illinois, is still in the middle of nowhere for most people. 




Welcome to the Digital Event Page for ECIOG Puff and Create Fundraisers!

Event Page Shortcuts

The following icons are shortcuts to the individual areas on this breakdown. We know our web design can be overwhelming  for some. 

Art Choices

We have created several options to inspire art at home! We are always on the look out for new ways to inspire so keep an eye out for new choices being added soon!

Goodie Bags included in all options!

Our goodie bags include coupons from our sponsors, stickers, pins, charms, handmade art, themed event items. Every month new fun items to collect!

Raffles/Drawings included in all options!

We will have a raffle on our first big raffle at our June event and our second big raffle at our December event. Every digital member will be entered monthly into all raffles and door prize drawings. 


Shipping will need  to be paid by the winner for mid and end of year raffles.

Galleries (Member-Only)

Our galleries are only available to our members, to see these galleries log in to your account or sign up now.

We LOVE our Sponsors

We love our sponsors. We have a whole page dedicated to our sponsors

We have created this Event FAQ Page to tackle the questions were asked the most!

Types of Digital Memberships:

– a flat $25 ‘Flat’, a $27 ‘Cover the Fees’, and a $5 ‘Upgradded in-person’ monthly membership option.


 $25 ‘Flat’

Main $25 flat Puff and Create Membership, includes all digital event perks with in person upgrade available when applicable


Puff and create logo

 $27 ‘Cover the Fees’,

Our main $25 flat Puff and Create Membership plus and extra $2 to cover the processing fees. This membership includes an extra digital print.


Puff and create logo


$5 ‘Upgradded in-person’

This option should only be chosen if in person event is the primary choice and rsvp is provided with this option. This will be a $30 charge total for both events! Save $25 a month if in person is main choice. 






Puff and create logo

We will be posting all updates here as well as on our Facebook Page which is linked in the Footer.



How to Sign up:


1. Pick one of three membership types: $25 ‘Flat’, $27 ‘Cover the Fees’,  $5 ‘Upgradded in-person’


2.Fill in all necessary application information




3. Select standard theme only choice or two of our monthly staples *






*This choice can be changed in the My Account/Memberships area at any time or by emailing us @ puffandcreate@eciog.org





Enjoy all the perks that are now open by checking out the Member only pages!


Ready to sign up for the fun?? Check it out here!

Important Notes

Account creation required as all options include $5 in monthly reward points to use in our ECIOG store and special badges and icon access.



An Automatic email from Shippo will include tracking and insurance once the label is created, please verify and enable a valid email address to avoid information delays.







This is a  21+ Event with  Age Verification Required. For online memberships and purchases,  please provide this information to our (puffandcreate)email@(.org) within 48 hrs of sign up to receive 1st monthly box without delays. 


Only needs to be verified once per event for members.



Until Warren, Sanders, and Fetterman get the descheduling through we are unable to mail any kind of cannabis items as it is still federally illegal and the restrictions are quite strong.

No sales

Puff and Create Digital Event has ALL the PERKS!

  1. Private Streaming link to main event location- 
    • No active chat due to applicable laws. 
    • We will also provide a night to stream and create art together!
  2. Access to Art and Supply Swap Area
    • online postings from in person event and online exchanges
  3. Early Access
    • Early access  and customization options
  4. Project Choices and Goodie Bag Shipped
    • FREE USPS Priority Mail- usually arrives in 2-3 days
  5. USPS Priority Mail Insurance & Tracking
    • Email automatically sent to account via Shippo
  6. Member Gallery
    • Online galleries to share work created through by our members)
  7. Themed Item Recipes Card
    • A recipe card of the main themed in-person dish
  8. Online Coupon Code
    • Between 10%-40% on future store purchases
  9. SURPRISE Handmade Item!
    • We have a few secret handmade items in store for members only!
  10. 50 Rewards Points
    • $5 Value, applied directly to account
  11. In-Person Activity Entries
    • Raffles, contest, even door prizes!
  12. Upgrade Rate for In-Person Event
    • Only $5 to attend any in-person event
  13. Special Member Badges
    • Badges & icons for ECIOG account
  14. Extra 3D Themed Charms
    • On top of our quarterly charms- monthly extra 3D charm!
  15. Upgraded Print Option
    • Cover the fees and get an emailed digital print

Digital Membership Art Choices! YOU are in control every month!!

After Perk application, memberships are around $5 for your choice of two of our:

1.) Monthly Staples:



(Our program we revived from Spirit Jump to create handmade cards to deliver to local cancer centers- can be sent back to our headquarters or donated locally)

This will include six half fold cards of varying sizes, 6 envelopes, random colored card stock and paper sheets, two  baggies of random fun stickers, a small stencil, four random colored pencils, 1 rubber stamp, and one small baggie of cardboard 3D cutout shapes.





This will include 3-6 sized sheets of paper/cardstock,  2 drawing pencils, 2 scratch tools, 1 extra multi purpose tool every month, 2 small shader sticks, 3 mini  scratch boards, 1 eraser, 1 white pencil, 1 small container of mod podge with tool.





This will include a 3”x3” mini stretch canvas (mini easel included with first order* while supplies last), 3-6 sheets of sized paper, 12 paint color cups, 4 brushes, 4 small shader sticks and extra tool, 2- nine slot paint palettes,  1 small container of mod podge with tool.







     All boxes subject to change and photos depict on samples of boxes. 🙂 

     Themed Paper-craft 

This will include all cut layers for themed papercraft projects like boxes, 3D cards, holiday projects, etc. 1 small container of mod podge with tool, two brushes, 4 flower stamps, 2 extra shaper tools, 1 sander tool.




Basic Jewelry

This will include small baggies of random: beads, jewelry hardware like clasps and jump rings, and charms, as well as string, ribbon, or hemp, depending on the project. It will also include eyelet screws, earring hardware, and small spacer beads.



-Photo Keychain DIY

This will include three mini double sided keychains that can have a photo added, two small baggies of random mini stickers and two baggies of random 3D charms. It will also include two random extra surprises per keychain- 6 in total!





2.) Our Monthly Party Theme Project:


This will include mini versions of our monthly themes like memorial stones, wreaths, PRIDE projects, etc. Every month a different surprise theme!


New Kind of Fundraiser


‘That Just Don’t Make No Sense.”

We are a 501(c)3 not for profit and all donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. **



**Anything above the membership cost can be applied this way, the IRS doesn’t like it when donors receive items in exchange for their donations and it gets complicated really quickly. Please check with a certified tax professional for actual tax law. We are not a professional tax service.

This is an all new kind of fundraiser for us and we have tried to make it as absolutely cheap as possible so it is open to as many people as possible with new perks still being added. Our goal is not to make a big profit on these events, we are hoping to expand our community to reach more survivors and caregivers. Our annual benefit auction (held online every September) and our cancer protest store are focused on raising funds for our programs and services. If this membership seems too low or the maths isn’t adding up for shipping being $10 plus a $5 store credit, plus a 10%-40% off store coupon, plus the goodie bags with handmade art and projects, you are not wrong. It does not add up, it is way below what it should be, but how can we reach people without taking that hit? If it does not sit well with you, we very, very welcome to purchase from our cancer protest store, share our projects and services so we can get more applicants, vendors and community members, or donate directly to our nonprofit by becoming a sponsor of this event. See Below for more Info! We would LOVE to have your support! Seriously, we will welcome it gladly ♥️


Full Disclosure: 

Currently this event’s needs are sponsored by our president and the supplies we use for our art projects are her personal supplies. 




Extra Pieces:

Goodie Bags??

Jetty, here-

 I am a bit obsessed with creating fun and exciting event baskets and goodie bags. 


Every event will come with a themed goodie bag, it will include a handmade quarterly charm (bracelet in first order), coupons and discounts for our sponsors, a new monthly sticker design, event collectible backing cards, plus any themed party items.

Sponsors Are Coming Aboard Everyday!

We are so shocked by the amazing showing of support from our community and from our sponsors, we need a whole page just to show proper thanks. Please see our Sponsor Page for all our amazing donations and support. Please note there will be galleries and coupon codes that will ONLY be displayed with membership including a 30% off coupon for Ardent- the Adult Easy Bake Oven- the set it and forget it dream!

Event Baskets?

Event baskets will range from full themed baskets like our annual benefit to small random wrapped surprise door prizes (at least 5 given out every event).



 Members are entered in all baskets and goodie bags are included with project choice.***




***Please note:
shipping will need to be paid for any won prizes as this cannot be added to the membership fee. 

Interested in Sponsoring or Donating to Our Event?



The absolute best part about being a charity that is open to all art, is that  it means our themes for our Puff and Create are incredibly varied and we can accept every type of art or craft supply, and our Art Supply Swap is our way to have this at the actual event, however, if interested in sponsoring a section of our Puff & Create, some possible areas are snacks and drinks, tool and supplies for staples, themed project supplies, shipping, goodie bag items or costs, decorating, cleaning and after event costs, Vendor sale, Art Supply Swap, etc.


Thank you


We will welcome coupons for our goodie bags or online codes for stores, mini marketing items, art donations, as well as items for our door prizes and raffles. We will gladly provide a tax letter from the fair market value of any sponsorship or donation upon request.


Our In-Person Event Is Gonna be 🔥

Planning to Come in Person (Choosing the $5 Upgradded Option)

We will be providing fun snacks and drinks as well as a themed dish that will be different each month. 

We will have access to upgraded puffing accessories for a better experience overall



We offer a safe, secure place to practice our alternative therapy and one FREE pre-roll provided

Canna Created



We also offer many sober options as well so all are welcome, no need to feel stressed. Please come make art and a difference even if you’re unable to puff with us. There will always be at least 3 sober people to hang out with. 


We will have areas for different styles of art with our monthly staples as well as the main party theme project from which to choose. Art can be donated, swapped, or sold at the event or on our website.




Buying your one time ticket the day of the event? No problem!

Send money via Cash App

Send Money via PayPal

Scan to Pay with Venmo

Please use one of the above options to pay for an in person ticket now.


Entry cost: $30 at the door



NOTE: All Accounts are registered under president Jetty Kircher’s name due to cost constraints on small not for profits. PayPal is a nonprofit account but this is for the send money fee free option. This is to keep event costs down.

Vendor Sale

A small vendor sale will be attached to the events with handmade art for sale. This will not be included in the ticket cost. We will try to post the artists that will be included on top of ECIOG, Unicorn and Kirch, and the Village Bog Witch Apothecary, the main three monthly sponsors of both the Vendor Sale and the Art Supply Swap. This will include everything from sketches, digital print custom orders, paintings, bath potions, self care items, and more!



Larger projects- multiple months free rein projects available upon request.


We will happily store your work over multiple months if a larger project such as a bigger painting, bigger printmaking goal, or a DIY project space is desired. We encourage larger expressions as well and upgrades will be available for multiple month projects with no extra fee.


Art Supply Swap

Donations of art and supplies can be made at the attached Art Supply Swap. This Swap will be 100% free for attendees, please understand there will be no money exchanged for used art supplies. This is a way for people with art ADHD to keep the art being made through other art ADHD artists. This can be everything from partially used paints, crayons, pencils, markers, to left over project supplies. These can also be donated directly to the Puff and Create future events as well.



Puff and Create Fundraiser Calendar


Dates to Remember/RSVP Ticket Dates:

March 24, 2024- Tea Party/Memorial Garden Stone Creation

April 14th, 2024- TBA (Early Access Perk)* 2nd Sunday due to theme*

May 19th, 2024- TBA (Early Access Perk)

June 23rd, 2024- TBA (Early Access Perk)

July 21st, 2024- TBA (Early Access Perk)

August 18th, 2024- TBA (Early Access Perk)

September 22nd, 2024- TBA (Early Access Perk)

October 20th, 2024- TBA (Early Access Perk)

November 17th, 2024- TBA (Early Access Perk)

December 22nd, 2024- TBA (Early Access Perk)


Time: Noon to 4 PM
“Every 2nd to Last Sunday. Yeah. 2nd to Last”

Please note there will be galleries and coupon codes that will ONLY be displayed with membership including a 30% off coupon for Ardent- the Adult Easy Bake Oven- the set it and forget it dream! Please purchase your membership/ticket now for full access. 


This Gallery will only be visible to members,  purchase your membership or ticket now to gain access to these fantastic discounts. These are also open to all sponsors to see how your gracious donations are being used.

Thanks to our fantastic sponsors we have these amazing coupon codes. These are also included on the sponsor card in the Goodie bags. Get your discounted goodies now!



Our Soft Launch Event- Sister Dear Memorial Garden Tea Party -(Updated After Event)

This Gallery will only be visible to members,  purchase your membership or ticket now to gain access to these extra perks. These are also open to all sponsors to see how your gracious donations are being. Password protected page will be provided for all galleries for sponsors. 



Thanks to all the our sponsors for helping create these memories! 


This Gallery will only be visible to members,  purchase your membership or ticket now to gain access to these fantastic discounts.

Thanks to our fantastic sponsors we have these extra perks. 

These are also included on the perks card in the Goodie bags. 


Please enjoy all the perks you earned!

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