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After Pride/Early Benefit Online Event

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Happy PRIDE everyone! Our PRIDE vendors and artists didn’t get to be showcased in our tent at Ottawa Family Pride Fest this year so our community answers the call with these special pride sets that were created fully to support our PRIDE goals.

We decided to combine this event with an early posting of our benefit, as it seems to get lost every year. 

We will also be adding a raffle later this  summer.


Every order from this page qualifies for the following special prize awards!

Prizes Levels!!!

Get PRIDE Prizes with completed orders
$ 40 orders ALL PRIZES and FREE Shipping! Code: pride-ship
  • $5- Prizes 1, 2, & 3
  • $10- $5 Prizes + Prizes 4, 5, & 6
  • $15- $10 Prizes + Prizes 7, 8, & 9
  • $20- $15 Prizes + Prizes 10, 11, & 12
  • $25- $20 Prizes + Prizes 13, 14, & 15
  • $30- $25 Prizes + Prizes 16, 17, & 18 (ALL PRIDE Prizes!)
PRIDE Prizes!

We have two special edition 

“Take Your Meds” decal kits:

Full Set and Pill Bottle designs


Take Your Meds2

-Mirror- For placing directly on a mirror (standard printing)

-Window- Placed directly on a window and viewed from outside (Reverse printing)

Take Your Meds

Sets come with clear sticker that will be applied by owner to provided decal sheet 

Artist Support Projects- PRIDE Bento 6 Keychain Set


Our Artist Support Project is focused on helping our flagship stores get more inventory cross referenced


All ASP Projects are split 50/50 with ECIOG and the Featured Artist


For PRIDE, the ASP double sided keychains are displayed through a Japanese bento display box. It includes all 6 double sided fully charmed keychains for one low price! 

See full videos on our keychain page 





These double sided mini potions are decorated in a limited number of themes. 

Fully adjustable and elastic! 



Jack and Sally




Punk Kitty

Punk Skull

Flower Ribs

Flower Heart

Summer Love


Ice Cream

Tangerine Bear


Emoji Face

Pizza Love

Bunny Love

Unicorn Explicit

Unicorn PG




They are made with rainbow elastic and are tied with a double slide knot to allow for even more adjustability. 


They come attached to a stamped Handmade card 


Use the dropdown options to select a theme while supplies last

Take Your Meds

These special edition sets include our pill bottle design in both vinyl and glitter. 

With their 2.5” sizes, these are perfect for a water bottle, planner, or displaying on your favorite surface.

We have a limited number of handmade mini canvas painted by Unicorn and Kirch. 


Order more than one and receive our Unicorn and Kirch Artist Support sticker as a BONUS! 

Please use the drop down to select the INCREDIBLY limited stock. 

We have a limited number of handmade postcards painted by Unicorn and Kirch. 


Order more than one and receive our Unicorn and Kirch Artist Support Sticker as a BONUS! 

Please use the drop down to select the INCREDIBLY limited stock. 

PRIDE Keychains-Pre-made and DIY themes available -ECIOG


For Pride we created an activity of DIY mini double sided photo keychains

Each set also includes 3 sticker themes, 2 charms and 1 accessory for $5. 

DIY Kits Require:

-5 sticker set choices (top 3 and 2 backups)

-4 charm themes (top 2 and 2 backups)

-3 accessories (top 2 and 1 backup)

We have a limited number of themes and we will have limited stock. We ask when ordering our DIY kits, please choose sets with backups in case original choices sell out. 

Themed Pre Made Keychains

Keychain-Themed- NBC-Horror

We also have VERY limited stock of premade decorated double sided keychains for $3. Select the desired theme from the drop down, while supplies last!

These special edition PRIDE gacha pull include:

-Surprise handmade item

-Surprise stickers

mini items

-Puzzle Piece

-Game scratch-off,

and more!!


These special edition gachas are created using glitter gachas from Japan. Inside each gacha are random unicorn surprise items including bookmarks, tattoos, stickers, and small toys. 

Also included is the Artist Support Project sticker for Unicorn and Kirch- waterproof, weather proof di-cut vinyl.

$3 a piece

All funds go to the Unicorn Educational Fundraiser

Kanji Decorative Prints- ECIOG

name-gameThese handmade Kanji prints include 


-Japanese writing

-Romaji English


$3 a piece


Set of all 8 prints-

$8- only $1 a piece!!


Use the dropdowns to select from the available kanji the were made for our Matsuri Fundraiser– including our Limited Edition 3  Kanji set made specifically for our tent.


This is our first ever digital download product. We are including over 15 tracks, 10 digital prints, and 2 music videos. This will be sent to the email provided. 


We love having musicians in our community and Madeline Willbell is a wonderful addition. 


This is an ONLINE EXCLUSIVE and will only be available here in our ECIOG Vendor store. 



Kristopher Yoshihara has dedicated his music to our first ever 

“Pay What You Feel” Digital Download Fundraiser

What’s on the Menu?

We Are All Losers,

13 Songs
Duration: 48 minutes

A Long Winter

12 Songs
Duration: 44 minutes

Our Summer Nights

8 Songs
Duration: 37 minutes

To download, select any donation amount and check out, the selected album will be available to download immediately 

Personalized/Signed Matthew Fish Misprint Books-ECIOG

We had a printing mishap during a fundraiser in 2023. After failing in our appeals we now have a VERY limited supply of books that will be drastically discounted for our community.


Misprints include font sizes that are either larger or smaller than the original prints. These do not have any other issues, however given the state of the book community, we are unable to sell these books as anything other than misprints.



Personalization available upon request, all books are signed and include a small drawing

INCREDIBLY limited supplies of the following names (Some Less than 5!!):

1. Adrienne
2. Ailene
3. Alexis
4. Ann
5. Anne
6. Audrey
7. Betty
8. Connie
09. Cynthia
10. Debby
11. Desiree
12. Dorothy
13. Evelyn
14. Ginny
15. Gretchen
16. Janice
17. Janis
18. Jayne
19. Jean
20. Kay
21. Lois
22. Lucy
23. Marcia
24. Mary Lou
25. Martha
26. Natasha
27. Yvonne

Only $7

Use the dropdown to select. Backing cards come in 5 colors and will be random based on current stock 

⚠️ These are original vintage pins from the 1980’s and come with the original backing cards. They have been in storage for over 30 years and come with that warning. 🙂 ⚠️ 

We believe that YOUR name should be on our vintage rainbow hearts

Whether at birth or later in life, we know how it feels to have your chosen name not included on personalized collectibles

Our Your Chosen Name Vintage Heart Rainbow Pin can now be ordered as:

DIY kit including –

-One blank rainbow pin on random color original vintage pin card back

-One small container of Mod Podge glue to seal 

Complete set mailed in small round sushi display case for 



Completed Rainbow Name Heart including-

-We can add your name to a heart and seal for you

-Ships on random color original vintage pin card back for



DIY KIT or Pre-made Kit at checkout

‼️ Don’t forget! Fill out desired name for completed kits ‼️ 

For a limited time, personalized digital prints are available for only $30!!

A photo will need to be emailed. 

The PRIDE Portrait options will be unavailable due to not have high quality photography available. 

Shipping the colorful frames will be quite high, however there will be an variable option for it

⛔️ This is ONLY available from this product listing. Portraits include one person, additional people may be added with prior approval but may affect portrait pricing ⛔️



Feed Our Pink Flower Piggy 


Our Favorite Hello Kitty in her Kimono! 


1. Check Donation Amount 

2. Make Snack Choice

3. Candy Reward added to any completed ECIOG Store Order


Matsuri Snacks On Order


-Choco Banana-

Delicious chocolate covered bananas



Skewered Battered octopus 



Iced and sprinkled Cupcake

-Candy Apple-

Dipped and sprinkled Candy Apple


Each Snack earns a different yummy snack from Hy-chew to Candy bracelets. Try them All while they last! 

Grab your Matsuri Activity sticker sets while they last! 

These were available at our in-person tent and we have a limited number available for purchase. 

Themes include:

Garbage Fire/Trash Panda Set

Potion Animals

Mental Health Awareness/Kitties

Reading (with Bookmarks!!)

And more to come!

Each set is mailed in the labeled and decorated packaging from our PRIDE tent.

Use the dropdown options to select a theme while supplies last!

We have compiled 6 sticker set packs to showcase our new artist support stickers. Each set comes with the waterproof, weatherproof die cut artist support themed sticker and at least 2 die-cut glitter stickers, a combination of vinyl, matte, and even some decals and tattoos! These packs come with between 10 and 15 2.5” -3.0” stickers and are labeled with individually designed themes. 

Shops include:

Anna Lee Therapy 

Crafty Wizard Creations


Pillow Book of Jetty

The Village Bog Witch Apothecary

Unicorn and Kirch

All ASP Projects are split 50/50 with ECIOG and the Featured Artist

Use the dropdown options to select a theme while supplies last!

EARLY Access- Annual Benefit 👋Coming Soon!!👋

Every year we host an auction for the month of September and every year it falls through the cracks and people miss out. This year we are providing early access to all the items we have so far for our biggest fundraiser of the year

Ram scholarship

Items are donated and auctioned to fund our programs and services in particular our scholarship program


As we have a no refund, Kintsugi policy for our ECIOG store, please read all descriptions fully before bidding. 



Accounts are required to bid

Items are either Buy it Now or BID

Payments are due within 72 hrs of auction end

All Items are shipped with EXTREME care and consideration to make sure it arrives safely


We ship USPS Priority Mail with a 2-3 Day Average Arrival Time

⭕️ ⭕️ ⭕️ ⭕️ ⭕️ ⭕️ ⭕️ ⭕️ ⭕️ ⭕️ ⭕️

⚠️ We ONLY ship to the United States, please take note of this BEFORE bidding. We take NO responsibility for any kind of scam drop shipping to other countries or anything that breaks our TOS

We reserve the right to cancel any auction for any reason but especially if we suspect scam activity. Please just don’t ⚠️ 



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